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Our Methods

We aim for long-term, successful solutions to our client’s staffing needs. We use many proprietary and innovative methods developed in-house to fill our positions with the best-available candidates. We successfully deploy a number of different approaches, which we utilize in recruiting skilled trade workers across various industries.

These often include (but are not limited to) the following:

Direct Mail:

Because we only focus on the skilled trade industry, we have invested heavily in the creation of the most comprehensive database of skilled-trade workers home addresses that is available. Please note we only send direct mail to tradesmen’s homes, as we do not believe that mail pieces sent to places of work are very effective. Moreover, we believe our mail pieces are better than those typically sent out by other more broadly-focused recruitment firms.

Cold Calling:

While we are leading the way on the tech side of things as far as skilled trade recruitment goes, we still believe firmly in the classic, tried and true method of cold calling employees. The reality is that the very best skilled-trade workers are not looking at job boards or trolling LinkedIn; they are busy in their jobs and lives and we believe we must intervene and present them directly with a proposition of new employment over the phone. We do this en masse all day, every day to only skilled trade workers so we are essentially cold-call experts when it comes to these candidates. Whether it’s the marine industry, electric power, auto or tech industries, government or other, we have immense capabilities to reach qualified candidates.

Email Distribution:

Our proprietary method of realizing top potential candidate’s email addresses is unsurpassed as are our deliverability rates. We can get your industry trade job opening in front of thousands upon thousands of skilled trade workers within virtually minutes.

Passive Candidate Networking:

During the course of our aggressive recruitment efforts that are solely focused on skilled trade candidates, we have built up an extensive network of passive candidates. Specifically, what this means is that quite often we will approach a skilled trade worker with a proposition of location X and they will say, “No, thank you I am not interested in location X, nor am I really looking to change my job, but I have to tell you that if a position in Location Y comes up, please let me know.” At this point, given that we hear of and meticulously catalogue many geographic preferences likes this every day, we have a very extensive passive candidate pool that is entirely off the radar of others. We could have quality candidates on our call list that meet your criteria right now.

Referral Bonus Based Sourcing:

We make it very well known to the skilled trade workers we recruit that even if they are not interested in a position we represent, if they refer someone to us who takes one of our positions we will gladly remunerate such referrals with substantial referral bonuses. Such bonuses can be paid directly to the referring party themselves or to a non-profit organization that they designate. We do not do this in a pushy way. We sell ourselves as a helpful resource that every skilled trade worker in our specialized industry should have on file should they need us for themselves, a coworker or a friend. We do this because specialized skill-set contractors and employees alike, like all people – respond to financial incentives and it works rather well.