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We believe that if you focus on just one service, you can perform with a high degree of excellence.

To give you a better idea about our philosophy of focusing solely on the recruitment of skill trades, it’s important to understand the landscape of skilled-trade recruitment in general. The vast majority of recruiters out there are broadly focused, meaning that they will take on a staffing-search project for any client in the industrial field, regardless of whether it’s a skilled-trade position, an office job, H.R., healthcare-related or more.

At 1st Marine Corp. on the other hand, we’re focused only on filling skilled trade positions with the very best candidates.

Solely-focused Skilled Trade Recruitment

While most recruitment firms claim not to focus solely on any one specialty, rather allocating their abilities across the board in an attempt to be the overall staffing solution for all specialties, we find that they’ve somehow managed to equally neglect all specialties rather than excelling in one particular area.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 1st Marine Corp. was created specifically to focus solely on skilled trade worker recruitment. We believe simply that by narrowing our focus on strategic relationships, networks and opportunities, we can position ourselves leaps and bounds above other “broad” recruitment firms when it comes to our niche. We choose to do this one very specific thing because we want to be the very best at it, and we believe that we are. After working with us, we believe you will agree with us.

When speaking to our many government contractor clients as well as private sector clients, we often bring up this analogy; If you were looking to plan a vacation somewhere in the Caribbean, would you want to work with a travel planner that plans everything from Disney trips to Ski Resorts and also some Caribbean stuff, or would you prefer to work with someone who specailizes in Caribbean getaways? Why would the firm you select to recruit a skilled trade worker for your organization be looked upon any differently? If given the option, you’d probably want to work with the firm that focuses specifically on recruiting skilled-trade workers, right?


The Typical Clientele of a Skilled-Trade Recruitment Firm

1st Marine Corp recruits only skilled-trade workers from government agencies, contractors and the private sector. If it’s a skilled-trade job, we’re on it! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to fill a position in the Marine / Shipyard industry, electrical, construction, government, crane operation, welding, pipe-fitting, drilling and excavation or more, we’re able to help with our intensely-focused expertise. We aim to be the trusted staffing solution for any organization seeking to recruit a skilled trade employee in any industry.

Many of our clients’ organizations are of a size where their need for skilled trade recruitment is episodic and unpredictable so it really does not make sense to allocate on-going, in-house resources to something that may come up but once every few years. Therefore, in such cases it often makes sense that they would outsource this function to us whenever it surfaces.

On the other hand, many of our clients do have very large in-house recruitment resources in place, but they still outsource their skilled trade recruitment process because the major databases made available for in-house recruitment are notoriously deficient when it comes to skilled trades as a niche. Perhaps you are reading this right now on our website because your in-house recruiter is not performing for you in terms of recruitment while seemingly is quite skilled with other specialties? It’s probably not their fault. Some of the very best recruiters in the industry work on an “in-house” basis. Skilled trades recruitment has a reputation of being among the most difficult with the fewest obvious resources available. The jobs are oftentimes confined to a few major industry employment hubs such as the Norfolk / Newport News, VA area, Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, FL, Seattle, WA, Long Beach, CA and many others just to name a few. Job stability can fluctuate in these markets given the current climate of contracts and more, making the pool of candidates within these geographic hotspots either plentiful or bare. Our capabilities allow us to pool applicants from all over to your destination wherever it may be, making us the leader in recruiting when it comes to these skilled trade industries. This plentiful recipe of resources is one of the primary reasons we exist to serve you.

How Do You Recruit Skilled-Trade Workers?

We successfully deploy a number of different approaches, which we utilize in recruiting skilled trade workers. These often include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Direct Mail: Because we only focus on the skilled-trade workers, we have invested heavily in the creation of the most comprehensive database of skilled-trade workers home addresses that is available. Please note we only send direct mail to trade worker’s homes, as we do not believe that mail pieces sent to places of work are very effective. Moreover, we believe our mail pieces are better than those typically sent out by other more broadly-focused recruitment firms.
  • Cold Calling: While we are leading the way on the tech side of things as far as skilled trade recruitment goes, we still believe firmly in the classic, tried and true method of cold calling employees. The reality is that the very best trade workers are not looking at job boards or trolling LinkedIn; they are busy in their jobs and lives and we believe we must intervene and present them directly with a proposition of new employment over the phone. We do this en masse all day, every day to only skilled trade workers acrvoss varied industries and niche skill-sets, so we are essentially cold-call experts when it comes to these candidates.
  • Email Distribution: Our proprietary method of realizing top potential candidate’s email addresses is unsurpassed as are our deliverability rates. We can get your industry trade job opening in front of thousands upon thousands of skilled trade workers within virtually minutes.
  • Passive Candidate Networking: During the course of our aggressive recruitment efforts that are solely focused on skilled industry candidates, we have built up an extensive network of passive candidates. Specifically, what this means is that quite often we will approach a skilled trade worker with a proposition of location X and they will say, “No, thank you I am not interested in location X, nor am I really looking to change my job, but I have to tell you that if a position in Location Y comes up, please let me know.” At this point, given that we hear of and meticulously catalogue many geographic preferences likes this every day, we have a very extensive passive candidate pool that is entirely off the radar of others. We could have quality candidates on our call list that meet your criteria right now.
  • Referral Bonus Based Sourcing: We make it very well known to the skilled-trade workers we recruit that even if they are not interested in a position we represent, if they refer someone to us who takes one of our positions we will gladly remunerate such referrals with substantial referral bonuses. Such bonuses can be paid directly to the referring party themselves or to a non-profit organization that they designate. We do not do this in a pushy way. We sell ourselves as a helpful resource that every skilled trade worker in our specialized industry should have on file should they need us for themselves, a coworker or a friend. We offer referral finder rewards because skill-set contractors and employees alike, like all people – respond to financial incentives and it works rather well.

What if I Am a Skilled-Trade Worker Looking To Be Recruited?

Yes, it’s true… this website certainly skewed in favor of an audience of those looking to recruit skilled trade workers, pipefitters, marine painters, crane operators, electricians, welders, drill operators and more, we surely do not want to neglect the tradesmen and women who make it all possible. If you are looking for a change in employment or wish to make us aware of your geographic preferences so that we can alert you if we encounter something in a region that is appealing to you, we recommend you give us call. We hold all candidate inquiries in strict confidence.

You will find the interaction to be much more pleasant and fulfilling than the typical recruiter conversation because – as professionals who solely focus in the recruitment of skilled trade industry jobs – we absolutely understand the nature of your specialty. Our choice to solely focus in your specialty means we have a deeper understanding of your world than typical cross-industry recruiters, which means you can spend less time explaining the basics to us and more time providing substantive information about your job search so we can seek to be of service.